Last Wednesday, November 30th, 2016, Heartland Creditview Health & Community Services held a Trauma Assist Healing & Information Session presented by Dr. Sanjeeka Jaykumar (M.D). Trauma Assist is a non-for-profit organization who was founded by Dr. Sanjeeka herself. This organization are a team of professionals with high goals to provide support to the global population that have experienced / suffered from natural disasters or man-made battles; more or less focusing on traumatized victims.

Sanjeeka gave such an inspiring presentation on Trauma effects – emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms, along with trauma recovery tips. She had explained about the various aspects related to the trauma and give concrete examples to the group. The start of the session began with Sanjeeka asking if anyone has ever experienced trauma, know the definition of it or how they would define the word. She than clarified to the group that it’s an emotional response to an unexpected event. More into the session she educated the individuals on the topics listed below…

·         Types of stress

·         How can you define a traumatic event?

·         Coping strategies

·         Mindful meditation

·         Emotional/ Psychological symptoms

·         Physical symptoms

·         Grounding techniques

The way this presentation was delivered, you can tell that Sanjeeka really cared about these issues and wants to make a difference in the lives of others. In this session, she manage to make everyone feel comfortable, valued each opinions and wanted to educate the group of the importance of trauma. The crowd was so fascinated that the majority of them participated in the discussion and carried some on even after the session was over.

One of the highlights of the session was a grounding technique that she demonstrated to the group and it was regarding a singing bowl known as Tibetan. A singling bowl produces sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assist one in entering into meditation. (Bodhisattva Trading Co., Inc). She had then asked everyone to close their eyes and to fully concentrate. This exercise simply makes individuals feel relaxed, calm and live in the present moment. The reason for her presenting this technique in the session is because of the benefits that come along, which entail; stress reduction, deep relaxation, holistic healing, and self-balancing.

Overall, this session was simply great. I highly recommend this for all individuals of all ages, weather or not they have been in a traumatic experience or not. We cannot thank Dr. Sanjeeka again for all her wonderful work that was put into this session. Thank you!