What is Racism? The belief that all members of each race possess characteristic or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Racism has existed throughout history, it’s been all over the world. Discriminating against an individual of different race, it is defined as hatred; making one feel less then you. Racism has inclined war and slavery. People tend to stereotype and discriminate one another over such small issues; because of this, some people may form groups only within their own culture and will have no outreach to other cultures. Is it fair to judge a human-being based off their color, nationality, beliefs and religion?

The 2 articles discussed in today’s topics are regarding the “Jermanine Carby’s Shooting” and the ALCS Cleveland Indians and their mascot being “utterly inappropriate and racist”.

Back on September, 24th, 2014, (2 years ago). Peel Region Police in Brampton had fatally shot Jermaine Carby, a young black male at a traffic stop, this was known for one of Brampton’s brutal acts. He was racially profiled and subjected to unlawful “street check” by police on the night he died. The Carby’s family wants to now sue the Peel Police for their suffering; the family has filed a $12 million declaring that is was an act racial profiling.  The Carby’s family is seeking for compensation. However, the Peel Police gave the statement that is was an act of “self-defense”, for saving themselves… That was the reason be hide why they shot Jermaine Carby. Peel Region Police have also stated that they ran Jermanine’s name through the system (CPIC) and came to realize that he had a lengthy criminal record and warrants from British Columbia. According to the police, when they had asked Jermanine about his warrants, he then took out his knife. It left eye brows raised as why Jermaine was asked for identification, when he was just a passenger in the car. This matter become very controversial and is called carding. Was this a practice of racialism or was this self-defense?

What was the reason to ask the passenger for his identification? Why did they run this name through the database? Later on during the investigation, there was no knife found near the dead body.

Furthermore, the Carby’s family said that “Jermanine didn’t have any knife at all”. This incident put the question mark on all police department that how they uphold the racialism and in-justice in the society.

Next, we are moving on to the issue on the Cleveland Indians with their inappropriate and racist mascot, radio announcer Jerry Howarth, has had an issue with “this” since 1992 and till this day will not say the name of the Cleveland team in this play-by-play. Word around is that individuals are showing their support through social media by using the hashtag #NotYourMascot. Clearly this to, has been an ongoing matter.

From reading about these 2 stories, it seems that racism can come in any shape and form, it’s just sad that these types of issue are still happening in today’s world. What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you agree or disagree?