Racism… Such a nasty and uncomfortable word. In Canada, it’s safe to say that racism is an occurring issue… especially in the school zone. Unfortunately, racism is a part of our history and will always exists.

A few years ago, an article on the independent student newspaper published “Do you know it is illegal for the Chinese owners to hire white women”? Can we all just take in how horrible that sounds??

Constance Black House provides the history of the Canadian law, in which many non-white people struggle to have justice in Canada. This was the “thing” of past. Mostly now, everything is developed and civilized. People are more sophisticated and educated. Yet, It really demand us to think… why is it still privileged?

A recently article was posted video by Toronto Star Newspaper “Black Student in Peel discuss Classroom Challenges”, it entails how black individuals feel as being part of the Peel Region schools. Most of the response were quite similar as they stated they feel stereotyped.  One also stated that he notices other students being afraid to make eye contact when walking in the hall. Another has said, “If you don’t pay attention to it you feel like you’re normal. But if you look at subtle things happening, you’re like… whoa.” Even with the student’s statements of how they feel, all of the individuals have said that they’ve been treated well at their school overall. From reading this article from the Toronto Star, we can see how the system has many flaws on how black students often face discrimination.

Let’s take it back to 2009, St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School located in Mississauga. A family filed an application with the Human Right Tribunal Ontario. A student in grade 11 at the time was presenting his assignment in English class. It was regarding middle age people and the boy had mentioned that his mother had recently returned back to school and will fit in due to her young looks. His teacher had made a comment saying… “This is because she’s black”. The boy had felt embarrassed and discriminated in front of his entire class. Well, how inappropriate was that? Comments and remarks like that are not necessary from a teacher, let alone anyone at all.

This is Canada people, the 21st century, a multi-cultural country. As a country, we have come such a long way; but there is always room for improving ALWAYS. Schools are a place where the youth are supposed to learn, grow and change for the better. Each individual should learn from one another. Everyone deserves respect, acceptance and has the right to live in peace.

What do you think?