What is HCCHS

Heartland Creditview Community & Health Services was established in January 2010, we strive to improve the social, mental and economical well being of the members of the community. We do this by hosting a variety of events and programs that welcome people from all walks of life. We have special programs catered towards women, seniors and youth that can be found under the “Events” page.


Our Mission

To provide support resources, counselling and health services to local and diverse communities including seniors, youth women and families in a culturally sensitive and welcoming environment. “The services provided by HCCHS meet the standards outlined by the Government of Canada and Peel Region will address the needs expressed by the community in a positive and productive manner.




Our Programs


Youth Empowerment Program


  • Integrating newcomer youth with main stream Canadian youth.
  • Introduction sessions on dealing with violence, sexual abuse and bullying with prevention methods.
  • Acquiring leadership skills.
  • Involvement in the community.
  • Providing volunteer hours


Womens Empowerment Program


  • Health and Wellness presentations by doctors and professionals.
  • Exercise mental aerobics games music and art therapy.
  • Education and information on health related topics.
  • Provides information about available services and resources in the community and how to access them.

    Seniors Wellness Program


    • Half day program for seniors.
    • Exercise, Mental Aerobics, Games, Music and Art Therapy.
    • Caregivers education, support and training.
    • Diabetes, eye-care and foot care information information.
    • Basic computer training.
    • Education and information on health related topics through experienced health officials and professionals.



    Career Workshops

    • Appointment-based help with cover letters and resume.
    • Possible collaborate with employment agencies to help people find jobs.
    • Career coulseling / continuing education.


    Domestic Violence Counseling

    • Abused women and children counseling referral
    • Emergency housing/shelter
    • Information sessions on available resources


    • ODSP, Ontario Works, Permanent Residency,  Passport, Transportation/Referal, Citizenship, School/Education
    Old Woman Skin Type 1 2-48

    Wellness Program for Seniors

    • Halfday Program for Seniors, excercise, mental aerobics, game, games, music, and art therapy
    • Diabetes, eye care and foot-care prevented information provided
    • Basic computer training

    Legal Consulting

    • must make an appointment

    Our Progress

    HCCHS strives to improve the social, mental and economical well being of the members of the community. We do this by hosting a variety of events and programs that welcome people from all walks of life.


    Our Blog

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    HCCHS has received recognition letters from P.M Justin Trudeau,former P.M. Stephen Harper, mayor Bonnie Crombie and former Mayor Hazel Mccallion.

    Justin Trudeau

    Justin Trudeau

    Prime Minister
    Stephen Harper

    Stephen Harper

    Former P.M
    Bonnie Crombie

    Bonnie Crombie

    Hazel Mccallion

    Hazel Mccallion

    Former Mayor

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      Events Hosted by HCCHS

      Board of Directors

      <strong>Prithpal Chagger</strong>

      Prithpal Chagger

      President and Chairperson
      <strong>Eshan Khandaker</strong>

      Eshan Khandaker

      Executive Director
      <strong>Dr. Naqeeb Khalid</strong>

      Dr. Naqeeb Khalid

      Vice President
      <strong>Aamir Raza</strong>

      Aamir Raza

      <strong>Arunjit Qaumi</strong>

      Arunjit Qaumi


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      Get Involved

      There are many ways you can get involved with HCCHS to help and support your community.

      You can give financial support or become a volunteer.


      Why get involved?

      Your support makes it possible for us to change lives each and every day.

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      Volunteer your time

      Make a difference in your community by joining our passionate volunteer team!


      Attend an event

      We host events weekly that benefit the community.

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      Be an advocate

      Raise your voice on issues affecting Canadians. Help us make change happen!

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